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The Houston Family Law lawyers of our Law Offices are dedicated exclusively to the practice of family law. You can be assured that if you come to us for aid, an attorney who is skilled as a family law attorney will deal with your case- start to finish.

Experienced Divorce and Houston Family Law Lawyers

As Houston family law lawyers, we take care of all aspects of divorce and family law in courtrooms throughout the greater Houston area. Our divorce practice deals with the many issues which need to be determined by a settlement agreement or court order. We now can take care of high net-worth divorces and the complexity of marital property division, child support, spousal support, parenting time (child custody as well as visitation), and much more.

We likewise handle issues that can come up after having a divorce has been finished. These things can include child support arrears, adjustments to family court orders, and parental relocations. We are Houston Family Law Lawyers practicing in divorce, family law mediation, child support, and child custody.

Family Law Attorney in Houston

We are Houston Divorce Attorneys and deal with ALL sorts of divorces — from the friendliest, easy divorce in which we stand for one of the parties whose spouse participates without a lawyer, to the most severe of divorce circumstances, for instance, those needing the termination of parental rights.

We are Houston family law attorneys that define the phrase “conflict resolution” and is devoted to helping people keep the costs of a divorce as small as possible — including both the financial expenses and the emotional expenses. We offer a range of services, including providing the details our clients need to figure out whether or not to get divorced at all.

The better a couple can make their own decisions regarding their divorce, the more they may stay out of court as well as the more money they are going to save. We work with our knowledge as a Houston Divorce Attorney to make sure our clients’ rights are protected, and ALL the chief concerns are talked over and settled, while still letting both sides to maintain control over their agreement to the best degree achievable. This is NOT the sort of suit in which a “windfall” check is going to arrive at the end. The fewer dollars parties devote to “fighting,” the less they will spend on lawyer fees and the more money they will have to divide between themselves.

No matter whether a couple has kids, Friendlier is Cheaper. A divorce is a life-changing experience, and we aid our clients to understand the “light at the end of the tunnel.” We are going to explain how Houston judges take care of concerns relating to basic needs so the couple could preserve the “status quo” while the divorce is pending.

In case the couple has kids, the prime concerns are these:

  1. In contested Child Custody cases, where will the child live?
  2. How much will Child Support be?
  3. What kind of visitation of children will there be?

Studies show it is essential for children to learn that they are not responsible for their parents’ divorce. Children learn a lot about life while watching their parents’ divorce: the way to treat the opposite sex, how to handle anger, how to compromise, how to feel disappointment, how to get over diversity, how to forgive, how to make the best from a bad situation. Kids will use their parents as role models and, later on in life, whenever they experience any difficulties with their connections, they will respond just like they saw their parents did.

The couple will probably each be asked to have a parenting course and also to file the original of the certificate of completion to the court. It’s not actually about parenting as much as it is all about the consequences of divorce on children. We are going to give a variety of suitable classes so that a client can choose one with the most practical date, time and location.

What if the Houston Family Law situation is unpleasant?

Unfortunately, from time to time conditions are such that the divorce requires a robust, aggressive legal approach. During these types of cases, a client could be sure that we will use our negotiating and mediation abilities to get the very best outcome. Occasionally, a court hearing and trial is required. Whatever it takes, every client of ours can easily count on our commitment and dedication to work hard to have the best possible outcome. The parties may go to Divorce Mediation before trial. In this situation, we can easily represent our client at the mediation, which will also be attended by the spouse as well as his or her attorney.

This should be differentiated from the circumstances where we behave as a Houston Divorce Mediator to assist in an agreement between two spouses and their respective Houston divorce lawyers.

Houston Family Law Lawyers

Family law matters tend to be emotionally challenging. It could be a delicate balancing act to protect your interests right now while also thinking about your own needs and your kid’s needs in the future. How you decide to sort out sensitive issues today can undoubtedly have a severe impact on relationships later on.

At our Law Offices, we know the problems our clients deal with today, but we often are looking out for your future best interests. As your Houston divorce lawyers, we work to get the best possible results for your family. Speak to our office right away to plan a no cost first consultation.

We represent clients all over the greater Houston area, and now we can assist you with these and other family law concerns:

Envisioning what life may be like following your divorce can guide the process when obtaining a divorce and property settlement agreement. Our knowledgeable Houston divorce lawyers will help you realize the issues and potential difficulties you will face. All of us work with a variety of experts to make sure that our clients get the very best advice. We use that information to build up a highly effective strategy to secure your interests and attain your goals. We are always here to respond to your questions and give you legal counsel you may rely on. We encourage you to call our office to learn more about our legal team.

Houston Family Law Attorneys

Our Houston divorce lawyers focus on divorce and family law cases. Our attorneys represent clients throughout the Houston area. We regularly deal with cases involving contested divorce, uncontested divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, property division, paternity and also domestic abuse. We all use good sense, making every effort to resolve our clients’ cases cost-effectively. Once the need arises, however, we are seasoned, active trial attorneys.

The attorneys and support staff with our Law Offices are dedicated to upholding the legal rights of our clients and know that everyone we represent confronts a unique situation. For that reason, we get to know our clients on a personal level and understand what motivates them. This is an investment on our part that reliably pays off in the courtroom.

Our website was created to provide you with helpful information about Houston family law as well as responses to most of your essential questions. Once we accept responsibility for your case, we will continue to supply you with the appropriate direction – all the while making sure you are protected to the fullest extent of the law. We offer you assurance and peace of mind throughout a very stressful time and allow you to make well-informed decisions about your future.

Guarding the Rights of Fathers Houston

Fathers’ rights are often overlooked in a divorce, paternity, custody or child support dispute. Ordinarily, mothers were viewed as the natural caretakers of children, while fathers were seen as the breadwinners. Even so, times are changing and our firm is adept at taking on cases when fathers are seeking to protect and assert their rights.

We feel that when you were once an involved dad, there is a right to remain an involved and potentially a custodial dad. Please bear in mind Houston fathers have legal rights as well.

Houston Fathers’ Rights Attorneys

It’s tough being a father with a young child or children, struggling with child custody and also support issues. You want precisely what is perfect for both you and your child. Sad to say, Houston fathers have often pushed aside and their legal rights can be overlooked by law officials working to drive a case in the legal courts as quickly as possible – often deciding in the mother’s favor. As Houston family law attorneys, we know you love your kids and that you can also give a safe and strong environment for him or her. No matter if you are looking for custody, visitation or have child support issues, our Houston fathers’ rights lawyers can aggressively stand up for your legal rights to help give you and your child with the best result achievable.

Any time child custody is in question, there is no doubt in your head that you are worthy of the exact same legal rights and opportunities as the mother. We are going to look to prove that you’ll provide an emotionally safe and financially dependable environment both now and long-term for your kid. Sometimes the mother may not be in a position to financially support a child, may perhaps be emotionally erratic or might possibly not have a protected living arrangement. These are all causes that we can investigate if required as a way to pursue a case win. In case you are going through a divorce, this is never an easy situation and we wish to lessen any worries or questions that you may have on the subject of your legal rights and your child’s future. Contact us right now to speak to a Houston fathers’ rights lawyer about your case.

Fathers have equal legal rights in Houston if they are facing child custody, visitation and/or support battle. It doesn’t matter whether you and your child’s mother were never married. We know that your kid means the world to you and we are aware that you’ll do anything to make sure that you don’t lose that special bond. Enable our lawyers to fight for you and work to be certain that a legal arrangement is secured that will protect your relationship with your child both now and in the future.

The Houston fathers’ rights lawyers in our firm work hard to help make certain that our clients’ parental rights are accepted and not violated in family court. We believe that in order for a child to get high self-esteem and happiness they ought to start a formidable relationship with both the father and the mother.