7 Tried and Tested Tips to Win Your Texas Child Custody Battle

The best child custody tips to help you win your Houston child custody battle revolve around the idea that the best interests of the child must be served.

This means that the goal of any step in your child custody dispute is not a winner takes all mentality but a child-centered approach which seeks to resolve the whole affair with everybody taking a little bit and giving a lot.

Houston Child Custody Tips

The following child custody tips are grounded in experience and in what works best in most situations but do require a bit of maturity and give on both sides.

• Avoid exposing your children to unhealthy or harmful environments when they are with you. Make sure that your children are not exposed to overt displays of affection with a new friend or partner. Most courts oppose children being exposed to other relationships too early. And if you really want to win custody of your children, you should spend more time with them as a parent. If you spend more time with someone else rather than your children, you are likely to have difficulty persuading the court that the best interests of the child are on your mind if you are commencing a new relationship.

• Be involved with your children’s lives. In doing so, you are more likely to win the judge’s favor. If you leave all the parenting duties to the other parent, then you will have a hard time winning custody of your children.

• Consider where your children want to live. Know their preference and do not coach them on this issue. It would be futile to pursue your custody case if the children prefer to live with the other parent unless you think it is dangerous for the children to live with their former spouse.

• Be flexible to allow room for adjustments. Manage your schedule so that you won’t have a hard time adjusting when your ex-spouse wants to switch weekdays or weekends to spend with your children. Now, if the court asks you why you deserve the custody of your children, you can confidently tell the judge that as a parent, you always make sure that your schedule works.

• Prove why the other parent should not have custody of your children. Keep track if your ex-spouse is involved with your children and is flexible and on time with the schedule. Inform the court if the other parent has a record of past mental health issues or addictions (e.g. drugs, alcohol, etc.) that can affect his or her ability to raise your children. You will also win custody if you can prove that your children are exposed to the other romantic relationship of your former spouse.

• Hire a competent lawyer who can help you win your custody battle. Be honest and open with your lawyer so that you can make the right strategies to get custody of your child.

• Keep a calendar for everything. You should know the details about when your ex-spouse was unable to pick up or drop off your kids when you had the kids, and the events you attended.

Hopefully, these child custody tips will help you to win custody of your child or children,or at least come to an amicable settlement with the child’s interests being paramount.

Filing for Custody in Houston

Filing for child custody can be an intimidating task, but it does not have to be complicated or scary.

Here are 4 key steps you’ll need to know to take when filing for custody:

One of the most crucial decisions you will make is your choice of lawyer.

You’ll be working incredibly close with this person on a case that is very important and very delicate, so be as picky and as choosy as you like. Don’t just settle for the first one you visit; look around for the one that will best suit your case.

Becoming familiar with Texas custody laws is a useful measure. It lets you know where you stand and what you have to overcome. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; it is imperative that you understand everything that is going on concerning your case.

Your lawyer is the best provider for this. If you have not hired a lawyer, there are many other ways you can study up on the legalities of your case: the internet, the courts, your public library. It’s all about what you know.

You will find custody papers at the courthouse at which you file for custody. When filling out your forms then, you should take care to fill them out neatly and as thoroughly as possible. Keep them organized!

Usually, the people at the courthouse can answer any questions you have, giving you a total understanding of what you’re signing. Keep all documents pertaining to the case in a folder, as you wouldn’t want to show up to court missing an important document.

From a personal side of the case, avoid badmouthing your former spouse in front of the kids, or leaving with the kids for a long period of time without telling your ex.

You don’t want to give the other side anything to pick up on, that could make you look unreliable or negative.

Obey all the custody laws that you become familiar with from your research and advice from your lawyer.

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