Firm Overview

Making the decision to get a divorce is rarely easy. It’s a life-changing choice upon which many people’s emotions and futures rest. The family law attorneys at Houston┬áDivorce Counsel understand the stress and fear you face. We have the experience needed to compassionately guide you through this emotional legal process as painlessly as possible.

Resourceful, Respectful Representation

We consistently combine our family lawyers’ legal expertise with the support of private investigators and financial experts – if needed to uncover the important details of your case. This practice has successfully served our clients in getting what they want out of their divorce, including the details regarding child custody, child support, marital assets, and debt division, and post-divorce modification of orders.

We make sure our clients are clued into the legal process at all times. These are the details of your life we are dealing with and fighting for; therefore, knowing you understand all of your options and the status of your case is of utmost importance to us. We want you to be comfortable and confident with us as your representation, as we realize a great deal of stress already weighs on your mind.

Dignified Representation

If you have children, protecting their best interests is likely your top priority throughout the legal process. While always aggressively working to meet your legal goals, at Houston Divorce Counsel, we work to avoid the extreme antagonistic practices that other firms often participate in during divorce and custody disputes. We aspire to keep dignity intact at all times and believe that our focus on dignified representation not only makes life more stable for your children, but it also makes for sound legal decisions that will be easier to live with down the road.

When your life plans don’t work out, it is only natural to feel lost and afraid. But life goes on and can bring you an entirely new set of gifts that will make you smile again. Our family law attorneys take great pride in helping all of our clients take that brave step towards their brighter futures.

To learn more about what Houston Divorce Counsel can do for you, contact one of our lawyers directly or visit our divorce and family law website. We serve clients throughout all of Harris County and would be happy to listen to your case and give you an honest, straightforward evaluation.