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 An experienced attorney in Houston can help to ensure that a spouse receives everything to which he or she is entitled during a divorce proceeding. Texas is a community property state, so all acquired property and income earned by either spouse during the course of the marriage are considered to be “community property” and belongs jointly to the parties, absent an agreement to the contrary, or if obtained by inheritance as a gift. As such, the property is subject to a “just and right equitable division” both parties in the event of a divorce. This division of property may or may not be evenly divided by a court or by the agreement of both parties. If a marriage has complicated issues to settle such as a division of assets or debts, child support, child custody matters or alimony/spousal support, an attorney may prove to be invaluable in terms of coming to an agreement.

At the end of any family law proceeding, whether the case involved divorce, child support, or the allocation of parental responsibilities, the goal is to have resolved all lingering issues. However, we understand for some families, a judgment is often the beginning of a long process. At times, one party to a family law judgment fails to live up to his or her court-ordered responsibilities, making the life of the abiding party unnecessarily difficult and affecting the children involved.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys

Our law firm has been helping clients with their most sensitive legal matters for years. We place a strong emphasis on finding amicable, negotiated resolutions that meet the needs and protect the rights of all parties.

If your former spouse is not meeting his or her obligations for spousal maintenance or property-related concerns, we work with you to enforce the court-ordered terms. If necessary, we take the matter back to court for enforcement.

Child Support Enforcement in Houston

If you receive child support, those payments are intended to help you provide for your child’s most basic needs. A child support order once entered, is no longer negotiable. If the other parent fails to make payments as ordered, let us help. We understand there may be legitimate reasons for failing to comply with an order for support, but we also know such situations must be handled appropriately. Most cases can be resolved with minimal stress and court intervention. However, the most serious could result in the garnishment of wages, the suspension of driving privileges, and other punitive measures.

 Though a court will review any divorce documents presented before them, the court may not fully understand what the individual is attempting to accomplish with each point if he or she attempts to file for divorce without legal counsel. Doing so may result in a divorce decree that states something other than what the individual intended. On the other hand, those who choose to work with a divorce lawyer in Houston can be certain that the legal documents presented to the court will accurately state the agreements of the spouses and that the divorce decree will be enforceable.

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The enforcement of a divorce or family law judgment can be incredibly complicated, depending on the circumstances of your particular situation. Contact our office today to schedule your introductory consultation.