Houston Separation Lawyer

Some couples in Houston choose to separate rather than obtain a divorce. Although some states do not recognize separation, Texas does. Separation is often a step towards divorce. Some individuals erringly believe that they are legally separated when they have not filed any paperwork. It actually requires more than just ending your cohabitation. A legal separation involves submitting paperwork, much like in a divorce case, and obtaining a decree of legal separation. Legal separation involves all the same issue as divorce, such as child custody, support for the child and/or spouse, as well as anything else that would become an issue in divorce. Legal separation differs from divorce, in that it is not possible for either individual to remarry, inheritance rights are kept intact, as are social security rights. Our experienced Houston divorce attorney can help you to better understand these aspects of legal separation, as well as navigate through the process of legal separation in Texas. A Houston divorce attorney can provide sound legal counsel during the legal separation process and help it to go as smoothly as possible.

Texas is a “no fault” jurisdiction, meaning the individuals are not required to provide a reason for a separation or a divorce. If you are looking to obtain a legal separation, contact us for a free consultation. One of our Houston divorce lawyers can guide you through this process and provide support along the way. A legal separation can be converted to a dissolution of marriage after six months by simply filing a Motion with the court. Legal separation is a means to separate without officially ending your marriage. Some choose to do this for moral and religious reasons. We respect those reasons at our Houston divorce law firm and one of our talented Houston divorce attorneys can help you through the process with those reasons in mind.

Contact us to speak with a Houston divorce attorney if you are contemplating a legal separation or a divorce.