Houston Alimony Lawyer

Alimony, or Spousal Maintenance as it is called in Texas, is an ongoing monthly payment made by one spouse to the other. It is now possible for the court to determine either the husband or the wife to be required to make alimony payments. Alimony is determined based on the incomes and employment opportunities of each party, the division of property, health issues, child custody and length of marriage. The longer the marriage, the more likely it is that one party will be awarded alimony. Marriages that lasted only a couple years generally do not warrant alimony payments. However, there is no set limit to how many years a marriage must be to justify alimony payments. It is determined by examining the specifics of the case.

Alimony payments in Texas are ended at the death of either party or if the receiving party remarries. Alimony is deducted from taxable income by the individual who pays and the recipient must pay income taxes on the money they receive. Alimony is often a difficult issue to resolve in divorce cases and it requires a prudent lawyer to negotiate an agreeable resolution to such an issue. An experienced Houston divorce attorney at our law office can help you and provide consultation on the issue of alimony. We can assist you regardless of whether you believe you will be giving or receiving alimony.

If you and your spouse are dealing with the issue of alimony, a Houston divorce lawyer can help you to argue your case and achieve a desirable arrangement. Contact us today to schedule a FREE initial case evaluation with a skilled Houston divorce attorney.