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When child custody is an issue and the parents are in different countries, the matter can become very complex. It is crucial that you have a child custody attorney that is experienced with addressing custody matters on an international level.

Texas child custody law takes false allegations against the husband and wife very seriously. Often times, false allegations might occur when a parent gets desperate and thinks that they might lose the custody battle.

People make false allegations to make another parent look bad to a judge all of the time. Doing this can make a parent lose custody or quite possibly visitation if the allegations are severe. Texas child custody law takes allegations seriously and will find out if the allegations are true or false. You know your spouse better than anyone. You should think of anything and everything that you think your spouse might say about you or that you have done that might be able to be used against you in court. This includes trouble with the law, with the kids, your behavior in general, and the type of person that you are. If there are things that your spouse can use against you, then you need to let your attorney know so the two of you can come up with a plan.

You and your lawyer will need to decide how you will refute any allegations brought against you. If they are false, you will need to be able to refute those as well. You might need any potential witnesses to help you refute any allegations against you and that would help your case. You will also need to work with witnesses and make sure they are dressed properly in court and their behavior is nothing but the best because they are representing you.

We have many years of experience in addressing and resolving such cases based upon the various laws and agreements between the United States and other countries. We represent both domestic and international clients to confirm your parental custody rights and to establish safe custody and support of minor children in Texas and around the world.

If false allegations are made against you or your spouse and it is determined by the court that the allegations are false, the parent that is lying will face the consequences through the Texas child custody law. Texas child custody law will remove a child from a parent making false allegations and they might take away all visitations also. If you are getting desperate because you think you will lose custody of your child, do not lie.

We have been retained by foreign law firms to secure and confirm for their foreign clients in Texas and the United States the child custody and child support rights established by foreign court orders. We have an arsenal of resources to devote to international child custody and support disputes. These resources include talented child custody evaluators, consulting financial experts and multi-national practices experts.

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