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Without the assistance of an experienced Corpus Christi divorce attorney, divorce in Texas can be extremely difficult. Every year, many Corpus Christi couples decide to divorce for a variety of reasons. Some divorces are cordial, while others are highly tense and emotionally charged.

Locating a Corpus Christi family lawyer you can trust while also meeting your family’s future and current needs can be challenging. Schedule a free consultation today if you and a former spouse need assistance negotiating divorce terms or if you need assistance representing your rights during a trial against an uncooperative former spouse.

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The strain of a divorce can be exacerbated if it results in litigation. As Corpus Christi divorce attorneys, we can assist you in pursuing that route, or we can work with you to achieve an amicable settlement with your spouse through mediation. Uncontested divorce and mediation can save you money and time while resulting in a resolution created by you rather than the court.

Coming to our firm can help ensure that your case receives the personal attention of a skilled practicing Corpus Christi attorney who is solely dedicated to seeing your case through to a successful conclusion. In fact, our firm has handled numerous cases involving family and matrimonial law, and we have the necessary experience to handle your case successfully.

Corpus Christ Family Law

Family law issues are extremely sensitive, with the potential to drastically alter the lives of everybody involved. Few things can be more financially and emotionally draining than a family law case, and those involved frequently disagree on how to resolve the issues at hand. If you are dealing with a family law matter, it is critical that you have experienced legal representation on your side. Without adequate representation, you could witness your family disintegrate in front of your eyes.

Divorce Free Consultation

You are either charged by the hour or a fixed amount for the services provided by a divorce attorney throughout the divorce process. However, in order to find the best match for your needs, divorce attorneys are now providing free initial consultations to potential clients.

This also allows the attorney to determine whether you are a good fit for them. They must be concerned about clients who do not intend to pay their fees and clients who cannot be helped. It is just as vital for you to locate the ideal lawyers as it is for the attorneys to find the right clients.

A free consultation is when a lawyer meets with you to analyze your divorce and the specifics. This lawyer is going to get very personal with you. If it is more convenient for you, some lawyers will provide you with a free consultation over the phone.

These meetings usually last between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on the lawyer.

After listening to your side of the story, they can give you general advice on how they believe your case will turn out. They may also inform you of legal rights that you are unaware of. If they have a plan, they may tell you the key points of how they can assist you.

Among the first topics you should go over are the lawyer’s legal fees. After hearing your story, they should have an idea of how much your case will cost. These factors vary depending on whether the divorce is uncontested or contested, including whether child custody is involved.

This meeting is free of charge.

Types of Divorce We Handle

Our firm is equipped to handle even the most difficult divorce cases. We are aware that different types of divorce involve different issues and property division rules.

  • An uncontested divorce occurs when both spouses agree to end their marriage and come to an agreement on how to proceed with the divorce.
  • A contested divorce occurs when one spouse wishes to divorce but the other doesn’t, or when the divorcing couple cannot agree on how to undertake their divorce.
  • A mediator, mediation lawyer, or neutral third party acts as an intermediary between the divorcing partners in divorce negotiations in a mediated divorce.
  • Collaborative divorces are usually the quickest because the divorcing spouses are willing to collaborate together to quickly resolve their divorce-related issues.
  • Divorces involving businesses can be extremely complicated, depending on how much each spouse owns in the company.
  • Professional people with demanding careers may not have the energy or time to devote to protracted divorce proceedings, and the right attorney can help a client expedite a professional divorce.
  • When a divorcing couple owns considerable assets and property, the right high net worth attorney in Corpus Christi can assure an equitable distribution of property.

Military Divorce in Corpus

A number of federal and state laws impact military divorce proceedings.

One of the most important factors to consider is that divorce papers must always be personally served on an active-duty service member. Other types of process services are not acceptable. If an active duty spouse is stationed overseas, for instance, the divorce process may be delayed.

The time required for a service member to respond to being served could also be extended. Active-duty service members have an extra 90 days to respond to being served under the Service Member’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA). They can also ask the court to postpone the hearing until they come back from deployment.