Child Custody Help For Texas Fathers

Child custody help for fathers in Houston is a huge worry for many fathers of children in child custody battles. Many fathers are ignorant and fearful about fathers custody rights and with good cause.

Houston Child Custody Rights For Fathers

Because child custody rights for fathers in Texas were viewed as secondary to the child custody rights of the mother. And unmarried fathers rights in child custody create a lot of anxiety for fathers. Fathers rights in child support agreements are also problematic and a source of concern for unmarried fathers.

Houston Fathers Child Custody

Traditionally courts favored the mother in practically all situations but this has changed significantly and the situation now is that the father has an equal chance provided he is as good a parent and caregiver as the mother.

Many fathers assume, wrongly, that regardless of what they do that the mother will be awarded custody.

But this is not the case and if, for example, both parents are working outside the family home then the father can have an equal chance of gaining physical custody of the child.

To do so he needs, like the mother, to ask the court to award custody to him and to present his best case and essentially persuade the court that it is in the best interests of the child that he be awarded custody.

Generally, the law states that neither mom or dad should be preferred because of their sex-it is up to both parents to prove to the judge that they are the better choice.

However, because judges are human beings as well as judges you may well encounter a situation where a judge’s personal preference and prejudice will manifest itself. If this happens to you, you may look for a change of venue which is the same thing as a change of judge.

But you must make your request before the judge hands down his judgment on the meat of the issue. Some states allow a change of venue without the need to offer a reason but once it is transferred it will be difficult to obtain any further changes of venue unless you can point to a specific instance of prejudice or bias on the part of your new judge.

Many judges in Texas will favor the mother, all other things being equal. If you are a dad it is up to you and your lawyer to ensure that you put your best case forward and to ensure that all things are not equal from the judge’s perspective.

However prejudice and bias can cut both ways and many judges will favor the father, particularly if the mother is in full-time employment or in a professional career which is time-consuming.

So fathers rights in a child custody battle are stronger than many fathers think and the pendulum has swung to ensure that fathers child custody rights are upheld in child custody cases. Child custody for fathers is a source of confusion and worry but if you engage the services of a good child custody lawyer, keep in touch with your local court office and keep the interests of your child at the forefront of your mind at all times, it need not be a disastrous time.