Child Custody For Texas Fathers

Divorces are often painful and dirty for the couples and it can be even worse if you have a child. The immediate problem after the divorce is of child custody. It is often thought that mothers are given more priority over fathers as they can take care of the child better than fathers who are mostly busy with work. However, for a father, the thought of losing a child can be terrifying. Mothers are given priority, but courts decide each case on its merit and keep the best interest of the child in mind before any decision is reached.

For fathers, who are looking for the custody of their child, it is important that they should know the level of responsibility that comes with bring up and taking care of a child. During a court meeting or a custody hearing, it is important that the father should come prepared for the task ahead. The father should cover all the bases as the judge would want to see whether the father is responsible enough to be given the responsibility of the child. Hiring an attorney is one thing but seeking out information and giving personal attention hold great significance. You should read about the various child custody laws in your region and the different kinds of custody that can come up during a decision. Also, you must be honest to yourself and the child. You must ask yourself whether you can really take care of the child or not.

In order for a father to win a custody battle, it is imperative that he and the attorney involved should have a good working relationship. The attorney should know all the details about the case; that include any details of the relationship with the mother and the child. In most custody cases, the behavior and relationship with the child matter most. Most of the courts decide on the cases by judging the previous history of each individual parent. The relationship with the child and most importantly what the child wants.

For fathers, even before the custody is awarded to them, they should be aware that taking care of the child is not easy. For working fathers, it can become difficult to take care of the child. The court likes to be convinced how the father would take care of and provide for the child as the father works and remains away from the house. The father should have all the answers and explanations, as these are the conclusive issues in making the final decision.

In most cases, if the child is small, the court would grant joint custody giving more time to the mother. As the child gets older and if the father wants, he can apply full physical custody or joint physical custody. The court’s decision would be based on taking the past events into account and how the case is pleaded by both sides. The vigilance and personal attention in the case can help the father secure the custody, but both parents should keep this in mind that the will of the child and the circumstances will decide the outcome.

Even with a more balanced approach to custody proceedings, the court system still seems to favor the mother, especially in close cases. The fact that motherhood is seen as a natural instinct while the father can be perceived as an independent parent seems to give an inherent advantage to females. But there are plenty of ways a father can breakthrough these prejudices and win child custody. Here are some tips for getting child custody as a father.

Track Visitation

In the majority of separations involving children, it is the father who leaves the established household for another residence. This can lead to a distinct disadvantage when trying to secure time to spend with the children. For this reason, it is important for the father to track all of the time he spends with his kids. Perhaps just as essential is the accurate tracking of instances when the father was denied visitation for any reason.

Track Financial Support

Raising a child involves providing support at both the emotional and financial level, and the court system looks for a parent who can provide an adequate balance of both. Similar to the time they spend with their children, dad should also track the money spent on providing for the child. This includes costs associated with food, health care, education, and social activities. No matter how insignificant an expense may seem, it should be accurately recorded in a log with a receipt as evidence. This information will be helpful in both the custody and child support hearings.

Watch for Suspicious Behavior

One of the things that every parent involved in a custody battle should do is to look for behavior by the other parent that could endanger the child. Not only is this important for the health and well being of the child, but even the smallest mistake can lead to a dramatic shift in a custody case. Fathers, in particular, can find benefit from monitoring the behavior of the mother. Since the odds against fathers are typically much higher, finding a fault in the mothers’ parental care can create an opportunity to take control of a case.

Recognize the Situation

Any father who expects to win their case based solely on their earning power or influence is likely in for a surprise. There are simply too many societal factors working against fathers, even in a world that has become more politically correct. The more successful approach is to recognize the underlying disadvantages and using them as motivation to build a stronger case. This means securing a substantial amount of evidence in defense of the father. In some cases, this may not even be enough and therefore it best to also find evidence that that may bring the parenting ability of the mother into question.

Fathers are finding more success in child custody cases, but they can still run into basic prejudices that can influence their case. But even a biased court can be swayed with the right amount of reason and evidence. Thus, it is vital that dad tracks every aspect of his involvement with the children. The key is to prove that the care of the father provides the child with the best environment to grow and prosper.