Texas Child Custody Tips on How to Come Up with a Fair Agreement

Child custody is one of the issues that you need to resolve during the divorce procedure. You may decide to fight for full custody of your children because of the grudge you hold against your former partner. However, coming up with a solution that is fair and mutually agreeable to both parties is more preferable. Here are some pointers that will help you settle issues regarding child custody.

Seek a Mediator

Divorce is a complicated matter. It is a painful experience and may leave emotional scars on you. This is why it is very difficult to settle things fairly with your former spouse. Usually, emotions cloud the judgment of both parties, especially when it comes to child custody. During these situations, it would be wiser to seek the help of a mediator. It is advisable to ask family and employment lawyers Aberdeen from this site to act as a mediator for you. They can devise an agreement that both you and your former partner can agree.

The Welfare of the Children Must Be Your Top Priority

Kids will always need the parental love of both parents. This is why joint custody is the more common arrangement between divorced parents. In this arrangement, both parents will split the time to spend with the kids equally. For example, the kids may spend time with you from Mondays to Thursdays, while the remaining days of the week will be with your former spouse. Holidays, school breaks, and summer vacations will also be in consideration when arranging joint custody.

Joint custody is not always the best solution. Sometimes, you may need to fight for full custody to protect your kids. For example, you would never want to leave your kids under the care of your former partner if he/she is an irresponsible or abusive parent. Your kids will also be in danger if your former spouse is struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. You may need to hire an experienced and competent divorce lawyer to get full custody of your children. Whether to fight for full or settle for joint custody, you must always consider the welfare of your kids before making a decision.

Understand Your Rights

Make sure that you understand your own rights. The court must clearly state which parent has the legal right to make decisions concerning the children’s upbringing. You must keep in mind the legal custody is different from physical custody. If you have obtained legal custody of the kids, you have the right to decide, your kids’ religion, schooling, and other child-rearing issues. In case you would like to fight for legal custody, you must hire an experienced lawyer.

You must determine what serve best for your children when you try to deal with things related to child custody. To ensure that everything will go smoothly, you may need to seek legal aid. Skilled and experienced family lawyers will be a great help. They have deeper knowledge about the various family laws implemented in your state and country. In case you are planning to fight for full custody, they can help you gain a favourable decision from the court.

Whatever your decision is, also take into careful consideration that the court will always prioritize the welfare of the children. At the end, the court will grant full custody to you if they are convinced that the children will fare better and will have a better upbringing compared to both parents sharing custody or your former spouse taking care of them.

This is where a good lawyer will be of great help. He or she can turn the tide of the judges’ decision-making in your favour if he or she can articulate a very good argument that whatever happens, your children will have a better future in your hands.