What to do when facing a complex divorce

High asset divorces differ from most in that they often involve complex property rearrangements. In some cases, improper case management may even lead to less-than-amicable splits, but we work hard to clarify the property division issues you’ll encounter during the divorce process and mitigate misunderstandings. Our lawyers know that this can be a harrowing time, so we strive to offer qualified legal counsel and representation that lets you feel confident you’re making more intelligent decisions to secure your family’s future.

We have worked on behalf of hundreds of clients who required insight into property division, asset dissolution and various aspects of family law. While many of our clients were high net worth individuals, we are equally adept at handling cases involving clients of more typical financial standing.

Property division agreements and divorce actions may encompass a wide range of issues, including public and private asset valuation, retirement and investment account division and determinations of ownership in individual and community property. In order to respond to these unique situations, we have extensive experience with the different aspects of applicable laws that impact our clients’ lives, and we are constantly striving to assist you.

Factors like the nature of your property sharing arrangements, the existence or non-existence of prenuptial agreements and a diverse host of other circumstances all have an effect on the outcome of your divorce proceedings. As such, the laws that impact your family the most significantly may not be obvious, especially at first glance. To discover more and chart a concrete plan of action, please visit our page on high asset divorce.

Common mistakes within high asset divorce

As the saying goes, hindsight really is 20/20. Perhaps nowhere is this truer than in regard to divorce. Virtually anyone in Texas who has gone through a high asset divorce has a wealth of advice for those who are preparing to begin the process. The following is one of the most common mistakes that wealthy individuals make when moving through the divorce process.

An all-too-common error is assuming that hashing things out in court will lead to a favorable resolution. This assumption leaves out the realities that can accompany those divorce cases that cannot be resolved outside of court. Often, a couple’s most private details are shared within contentious divorce hearings. In addition, the full extent of one’s financial standing also becomes available to the public. For couples who are well-known within their community, this can be a needlessly embarrassing way to end a marriage.

In many cases, a better path to divorce involves working out the details through negotiation or mediation. These paths avoid the unpleasant repercussions that can accompany court hearings, and allow both spouses to retain a degree of privacy. For those who share children, avoiding a nasty court battle is especially important.

There are certainly some scenarios in which mediation or negotiation is simply not effective. In such instances, it may not be possible to avoid having the case heard before a judge. However, for most Texas families, a less volatile path toward high asset divorce resolution is not only possible but is a viable option that should be explored.