Common Law Marriage in Texas

Common law marriages can only take place between a man and a woman who are both over the age of 18 and not already married. While the unions are not ratified through license, ceremonies or other formalities, there are still a number of things you must do to be considered legally married through common law. If you aren’t sure if you are married under this doctrine, a Houston TX divorce attorney can help answer your questions.

Only a handful of states still recognize common law marriages to be legally binding, and Texas is amongst this select group. These unions can be rather confusing, particularly in today’s world of records and ceremonies, which is why anyone who has questions about these laws should speak with a skilled Houston divorce lawyer.

While most people still believe common law marriages automatically take place when two people live together for a set period of time, this is not actually the truth. Living together for a lengthy period can help a couple prove their marriage is legitimate, but you need not live together for any set period of time to be considered married through common law. Instead, you must wish to be married, start living together and refer to one another as husband and wife. If you need help ensuring your common law marriage is legally binding, a Houston divorce attorney can give you advice on making the government recognize your union. It often helps to start filing income tax returns jointly and to tell your friends and family about your arrangement.

If you are considered to be married under common law, you will need to go through a legal divorce process if you wish to separate. A Houston divorce lawyer can help you understand if you are considered married or not prior to your separation.

When you have questions about common law marriage, we can help. Please call Scheider and Associates today to discuss your situation.