Prenuptial Agreements in Houston TX

Prenuptial agreements are a good method to reduce worry and stress in a marriage. While superstitions make many people believe that a prenuptial agreement will make a marriage inevitably end, many happy couples live out their whole lives without ever relying on the contract. If you are interested in getting a prenuptial agreement, but are not sure how to talk to your significant other about the issue, please consult a Houston family attorney.

As a Houston family lawyer, I can assure you, every couple experiences a rough patch at one point or another. Having a prenuptial agreement can actually make these hardships easier to deal with, by providing each partner with peace of mind. There is no need to stress about what will happen if things don’t work out, because these questions are already answered. In fact, a prenuptial can allow you to focus on how to improve your situation.

When divorces do occur, it is a lot simpler to get together with your Houston divorce attorney and review a contract, already agreed upon while both parties were in a pleasant mood, than it is to go through a lengthy legal battle. Court battles can be expensive, time consuming and emotionally draining. With a nuptial agreement, all of this can be bypassed.

While all couples may benefit from a prenuptial agreement, they are particularly recommended when one partner has significant assets, owns a business, expects a large inheritance or wishes to protect their assets for children of a past marriage.

These agreements are not limited to engaged couples. A Houston divorce lawyer can help you create a cohabitation agreement if you live together but do not plan to get married. Our office can also help you draft a post nuptial agreement if you are already married.

If you have any questions about prenuptials, please speak with us. Our firm employees some of the top practitioners of family law in Texas. Call today.