Houston Family Law Appeals Attorney

Assisting With Appeals of Houston Family Law Judgments

In case you have received a family law judgment you are convinced is in error, or in case you won your family law court case but it is getting appealed in Houston, you should contact our Law Offices now.

Our attorneys take care of Houston appeals regarding divorce, child support and child custody, and orders to pay another lawyer’s fees, and the like. We offer you the legal knowledge and abilities necessary to go after large and challenging family law appeals successfully. We also check out the alternatives and think about post-judgment motions.

We have an excellent reputation for winning family law decisions on appeal in Houston. Judgments in family law court cases are not appealed just because you disagree with the decision. Petitions must be founded on a mistake in the application of the law. Court cases could only be appealed when the final judgment is rendered. We will thoroughly take a look at the situation and also help you of all your legal possibilities.

When you present us with a possible court case, we quickly study your request for an appeal and determine if it is realistic. Our initial appointment may benefit you, even though no suit might be ultimately filed. When we understand all the points, we’re able to advise you if an appeal is or is not in your best interest, and as to whether alterations are necessary. If there are reasonable grounds for appeal, we’ll start the kind of exhaustive plans for which we are well-known.

The timing of the appeal is a crucial issue. Due dates need to be met. With our law firm, you could be sure we will take care of your court case properly.

Disappointed With a Houston Family Court Decision?

Going to court is often something of a risk. Generally, there aren’t any guarantees. If you think that the court’s decisions in your family law or divorce court case in Houston happen to be completely wrong and would want to appeal to them, our firm is here to aid.

The lawyers in our firm will work directly along with you to find out if a Houston family law appeal is a possibility for you. We’ll adequately study the decisions from the court about property division, child support, child custody, visitation, alimony as well as other matter that you feel has a mistake. We are going to show you your alternatives and guide you towards one that is correct for you.

Our firm possesses several years of experience with family law and related matters, like Houston appeals to divorce judgments. All of our experience, coupled with focus and knowledge, gives us the extra edge to take on the most complex Houston family law appeals.

The litigation of a family law court case and the appeal of one are entirely two different matters. Not every single lawyer does both of them. In our practice as appellate court attorneys, we could represent clients before the trial circuit courts, the District Court of Appeals and the State Supreme Court.

You’ll be able to rely on us to offer you real answers about whether or not your family law case is suitable for an appeal. When you have a strong case and wish to get our firm to handle your situation adequately, you’ll be able to honestly feel reassured in knowing that we have the ability to correctly appeal the decisions in several areas including child custody, alimony, and parental relocation and have shown to be outstanding in looking into and preparing appeals.

Contact us right away to learn more regarding if a Houston family law appeal could help you correct a mistake in the initial divorce case.

If a judge gives a jury incorrect instructions, improperly involves or excludes evidence or relies on an erroneous legal principle or precedent, good reason for an appeal may exist. At our firm, our attorneys discover violations of procedural justice which compromise decisions at trial. We realize that the appellate process isn’t the like the initial trial, so we get ready for appeals correctly, both through creating appellate briefs and giving our oral arguments in front of the appellate judges.

The integrity of our judicial system will depend on the ability of anyone to be given a fair trial. In our firm, our lawyers take steps to confirm that our clients get their day in court without any prejudice impacting the results.

We handle Houston Family Law Appeals and appellate litigation involving:

  • Family Law and Divorce
  • Military Family Law
  • Child Custody and Visitation Orders
  • Child Support and Spousal Support Orders
  • Equitable Distribution Orders dividing marital assets and marital debts
  • Family law jurisdictional issues

Grounds for Appeal

Our Houston attorneys remain current with the statutes and court case law that affect matters on appeals. Not many court cases, in reality, get changed on request. Contrary to popular opinion, appellate courts don’t re-try cases, and appeals are restricted to the evidence introduced in the trial court. Most reversals happen when there are incorrect rulings, erroneous admissions of evidence, and inaccurate interpretations of the law or perhaps insufficient evidence existing in the record to support the court’s decision.

If you’re planning on a Houston Family Law appeal, we urge you to consider us for smart legal counsel and experienced appellate representation.